iPhone XS Max Mail In Back Glass Replacement

iPhone XS Max Mail In Back Glass Replacement

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We are using the laser back glass removal, separator machine to remove the back glass from the housing unit then we will be replacing it with a brand new iPhone back glass. 

Replacing your iPhone's back glass can be very dangerous since you have to unplug and detach everything from the housing unit.  Let our professional team fix your iPhone's back glass. This is the easiest way and will give you a peace of mind.

How does this replacement service work?

1. Purchase the service if you are needing a back glass replacement for your phone (which is listed above).

2. Please make sure your phone is packaged securely to avoid damages during shipping.

3. Send it to the address we will be giving you after your purchase.

4. Right after we finish fixing your phone we will make sure it is securely packaged, and return it back to you.  (except Sundays and holidays).


  • This service comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY but does not cover physical damage, or any pre-existing damage.
  • Before mailing in your phone, make sure your phone is not bent. We will not work on devices with this condition.
  • If you have any questions regarding this service please send us a message.



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