Q: How fast of a turn around time do you take on the repairs?

A: We usually fix phones the same day we receive them and ship it out as soon as we are finished.

If we receive the package later in a day, like late afternoon usually after 3pm we won’t be able to send it back the same day. We would send it out the following morning. 

Q: I need a LCD replacement for my iPhone. If part of the housing is bent a little can you still replace it?

A: It is usually better if we see phones in person but if the housing is bent a little we can usually do screen replacement for your phone. But for the bent phones we cannot offer any warranty since the replacement part may be break again. 

We also offer frame replacement service. If your phone is bent we reccommend you to purchase frame replacement service to solve the problem.

Q: I have a little crack on the back of the camera cover, is it because the back glass cracked? Could you possibly replace that as well ? Or would that add additional cost?

A: Back glass replacement service just for the back glass only. Camera glass repair would be an extra charge. Please search for "camera glass repair" on our search bar.

Q: Why do you ask for the password of the phone being shipped to you?

A: We need the passcode because we need to check the phone before and after the replacament in order to make sure everything is working properly.